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Future Action Planning: TDN is now creating the institutional framework for successful future operations and expansion. The coming years will see the addition of new software and trade facilitation tools including promotion and assistance enabling the full participation of all Chambers of Commerce. In addition to this TDN is also working with various custom authorities of various countries and UN agencies to streamline online declarations and electronic filing.
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Our White Label program is for institutions that want to establish a brand name and a presence in the trade and logistics industry. As a white label partner, you will be provided with the TradeDoX software with your brand or logo on the Splash Screen, About Screen and your website inside the TradeDoX built in browser...
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Trade Development Network (TDN), is a leading software development firm whose core focus is international trade. TDN provides information and software tools that allow manufacturers, importers, exporters, banks, Chambers of Commerce, and logistics providers to automate and manage the complexity of their global trade, compliance and logistics processes.
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TradeDoX's- Benefits for Importers
TradeDoX's Documentary Credit Collaboration module re-engineers the process of applying for a documentary credit.
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TradeDoX's- Benefits for Exporters
Enables Exporters to get paid quickly by delivering trade finance documents that are conformant with the bank's terms Accelerates advice of LCs and amendments and virtually eliminates discrepancies.
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TradeDoX's- Benefits for Banks
Minimize personnel and staff cost that was needed to check client's documents for discrepancies and errors.
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TradeDoX's- Benefits for Freight Forwarders
In today's ever-changing commercial world, conventional means of business communication are not only time consuming; but also hindering to an organization's competitiveness. The electronic transmission of documents therefore is increasingly necessary for efficient cross-border trade.
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TradeDoX360 is sold as a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

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Letters of credit are one of the most preferred payment and financing mechanisms for international trade. The security and risk mitigation provided through Letters of Credit make them indispensable in international cross-border transactions. However, statistics prove that 60% to 80% of the documents presented to banks do not comply with the L/C and contain errors thereby delaying payments or refusal by the negotiating bank altogether....
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Data Security & Confidentiality Issues addressed!

TradeDoX 360 Pro software is installed and resides in your computer system. The company data is also stored, controlled and managed locally in your computer system...
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